Going Green

We Want to Help Protect You and the Environment!

Removing a stump the right way benefits you, your landscape, and the environment. The safe and efficient way to remove a stump is to hire a professional stump grinder. Having the right equipment makes all the difference!

Mulch Composting

We Do It The Right Way!

We come in once the trees are harvested. The stumps are then ground and all mulch fills the holes created by the process. Absolutely nothing leaves the site and goes to landfills. The mulch then breaks down and adds nutrients to your soil. Excess mulch can also be used in flower beds to help control weeds and retain water. Mulch composting is the safe and natural way to help your landscape!

Mulch Compost

Burning Stumps

Please Don't Do It The Wrong Way!

Burning sounds like an effective way to remove a stump but it could have negative effects on your landscape and property. If you plan on replanting new sod or plants, the soil around the burned stump could be damaged or "scourged" by the fire removing essential nutrients. In addition, safety to self and neighboring property is also a concern when using accelerants.

Burning Stump Removal

Chemical Stump Removal

Please Stay Healthy!

Using chemicals to remove stumps goes well beyond the "what is my time worth" debate. If replanting or not, how long does it take for these chemicals to breakdown? Do they runoff into neighboring streams? What is the impact to your health if you inhale these chemicals? We advocate for safe and responsible stump removal to protect the environment and ourselves.

Chemical Stump Removal

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