Pricing Your Stumps

Pricing Your Stumps Is Part of a Process Used Since 1998

Pricing your stumps and calculating a quote is simple and straight forward. To start, follow the process below and contact us with details of your stump grinding project. Or, if you prefer, schedule a time for us to visit. We can provide a quote in writing and be at your property in less than 24 hours to complete the job.

How To Price A Stump Project

Our stump removal measuring guide illustrates an incorrect and correct measuring technique. Using a tape measure, record the stump's base and not at the top of the flush cut. Any mounding around the base of your stump are roots and will need to be ground to ensure the area around the stump can be graded and leveled out properly. Please note, the green arrow includes the roots that should be included in the measurement and stump grinding process.

How To Calculate A Quote

Pricing your stump project is determined by many factors but starts by measuring your stumps at the widest point including roots and mounding. Additional factors that determine price include:

Your Next Steps

Please select one of the following to get pricing for your stump grinding needs.

  1. We can often provide a ballpark estimate over the phone by sending us a picture of the stump through a text message.
  2. You can contact us using our Request a Quote form and tell us about your next stump grinding project
  3. We can visit your property, help measure your stumps, and give you a quote in person.

Discounts Available

  • Senior discount: 62+ years young 10% off
  • Over twelve tree stumps 5% off

Please Note

We accept cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. Payment is required when your job is complete and to your satisfaction.

  • All mulch remains on site
  • Some projects will require 811 to locate utilities. This is a free service and we can help submit a ticket at no extra charge.
  • Our stump grinder can pass through a 43" gate opening
  • Blown over large "storm" stumps and legacy tree stumps with large surface root flare & over 48" of solid stump require an onsite visit
Stump removal measurement guide

Please contact us for our simple pricing as we can often provide a quote over the phone.