Grinding Row of Leyland Cypress Stumps in Sandy Springs, GA

Leyland Cypress trees are popular because they are great for privacy and grow quickly. However, they typically have a healthy lifespan of about 15 years and signs of regress are browning limbs from the inside and thinning out at the bottom. High-wind storms will push these giant trees over and uproot their stumps. We often see these trees do damage to decks, porches, fences, and homes. This Sandy Springs, GA homeowner had a couple come down in a recent storm. Stump Grinder Company was hired to grind 6 Leyland Cyrprus stumps so they could replant something new. Removing full rows of Leyland Cyprus stumps is very common around North Metro Atlanta. Stump Grinder Company has the experience to do the job right. Let us help you with your next landscape project!